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LHS FFA Provides Timely Public Service Announcement

LHS FFA Provides Timely Public Service Announcement

On Tuesday, October 4, the Livonia High School FFA Chapter set up an exhibit in front of the school which was designed to serve as a Public Service Announcement during Homecoming Week. This exhibit featured a UFO crashed into the ground with two alien passengers flying out of the unit. Accompanying the crashed mode of transportation, a sign was erected that read, “Don’t drive and drive, or fly.”

At the initial sight, the monument appears to be juvenile. That was the exact goal of FFA Advisor Clayton Chenevert. “In getting on board with the other school organizations planning Homecoming, our organization felt inclined to bring the attention of this wide spread epidemic not only to our students, but the community as a whole.” Chenevert continued to point out that although teens can never hear about the dangers of drinking and driving too often, perhaps as a society we should begin to work on sharing that message with a younger group of students. His agriculture and carpentry classes designed and constructed a UFO which received attention as residents of the town passed by the school. Additionally, his class thought the special illuminated effects of alien life would be of particular interest during this Halloween season.

FFA is pleased to promote this public service announcement: If you drink and drive, you can hurt yourself and others. FFA proudly incorporated their motto of “learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve” in the Livonia High School community.