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Livonia High School Students Participate in District Literary Rally

Livonia High School Students Participate in District Literary Rally

The results are in!
High achieving students represented Livonia High School at the annual District Literary Rally on the beautiful campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette on Saturday, February 18. The students traveled to UL to compete with other students to test their knowledge in an array of subject matter. The annual District Rally, which is the qualifying round in which students have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery, is the prerequisite for State Rally. The District and State Rally tests are constructed by college and university personnel from rally host institutions across the state. The guidelines used in creating the tests were established by the Louisiana High School Rally Association and adapted from the Louisiana Department of Education Comprehensive Curriculum Guides, Grade-Level Expectations, and Content Standards.

The following students placed at rally:
Logan Landry 2nd place Agriculture 1
Triston Trubon 2nd place World History
Amiri Powell 4th place World Geography
Hydee Holsapple 4th place English 1
Morgan Aguillard 6th place French 1
Alexis Jarreau 7th place Business Computer Applications
Haley Bowen 6th place Environmental Science
Tyler Bergeron 7th place Physics
Jake Hendricks 5th place Fine Arts Survey

The following students represented LHS with distinction:
Jeremy Richard 10th place English 2
Andre James 11th place English 4
Emily Chenevert 9th place Geometry
Emily Stewart 9th place Family Science
Sheldon Holsapple 9th place French 2
Baylee Griffith 8th place Parenthood
Sydney Guidry 9th place Nutrition
Garrett Peavy 11th place US History
Joseph Will 10th place Civics
Jade Williams 10th place Advanced Math
Darian Trubon 11th place Chemistry
Lintoria Littleton 10th place Algebra 1

Congratulations to these students and teachers. The administration and staff of Livonia High School commend the students for their participation at the academic showcase.

Livonia High is committed to providing a safe learning environment where students achieve academic success and become productive contributors of a diverse community.