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Dress Code Policy

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Dress Code Policy

The Pointe Coupee Parish School Board, along with principals and central office staff, acknowledges that some uniformity in dress and appearance on the part of students should be maintained so that all schools may follow minimum requirements.  It is also felt that guidelines are needed in order that students, parents, teachers, principals, and all other personnel will understand what is expected of them.  Through these guidelines, fewer classroom disruptions by attention-seeking individuals will arise and disciplinary problems brought about by dress and appearance will be at a minimum.

School administrators recognize that the primary purpose of school is to direct the total growth of pupils physically, mentally, and scholastically.  In order to do so, it is necessary to create an atmosphere which is conducive to the learning process.  The Board feels it is the responsibility of each student to use good judgment in their total appearance so that the attention of others is not distracted from the purpose of the school.  Safety and hygiene shall be a basic consideration.  Any substantial complaint concerning the dress code will be dealt with by the school administration.


Uniforms shall be mandatory in all Pointe Coupee Parish Schools and shall be worn as follows:

Boys:  Medium tan khaki long uniform pants or knee-length medium khaki uniform shorts

o   Livonia:  7th and 8th grade – white knit uniform shirt /9th – 12th grade – green knit uniform shirt /  Graduating Seniors – Optional GOLD Uniform Shirt

Girls:  Medium tan khaki long uniform pants, uniform capri pants or knee length uniform shorts, medium tan khaki uniform jumper, medium tan uniform skirt or skort

o   Livonia:  7th and 8th grade – white knit uniform shirt /  9th – 12th-grade green knit uniform shirt /Graduating Seniors – Optional GOLD Uniform Shirt


1.       Only uniform pants shall be accepted. No cargo pants, carpenter pants, or any such style with multiple oversized zippered or nonzippered pockets shall be accepted or allowed.

2.       No sagging pants shall be allowed. If a student wears sagging pants, zip ties will be used to secure the pants.

3.       Hip-hugger or low rider pants, shorts, or skirts are not allowed.

4.       Pants, skirts, jumpers, shorts, and skorts shall be of uniform material only. No corduroy or denim material shall be allowed. Shirts shall be plain or have the school emblem on them.

5.       Uniform pants, shirts, skirts, shorts, skorts, and jumpers shall be free of designer labels and insignia. 



1.       Footwear must be worn to school, and students are to wear no-show or ankle-high white socks.  Knee highs or tights should be white or uniform colors.  All shoes shall have closed toes and heels.  (No backless shoes, sandals, clogs, crocs, flip flops, ballerina, or similar types of shoes are allowed)  Shoes must be laced and tied.  All Velcro straps must be secured.   Boots are acceptable but can be banned on an individual basis at the discretion of the administration.  We strongly recommend closed toe and heel athletic shoes or loafers.  LHS students shall wear aforementioned footwear to school with socks.

2.       All students in 2nd through 12th grades must wear a belt with uniform looped pants (no elastic waists).  Waistbands should be worn on the waist and the pants should not be more than 2 inches larger than natural waist size**.  Belts should be plain, brown, black, white, or khaki with a buckle no larger than 2” x 2”.

3.       The hem of uniform pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts or skorts cannot be cut, split, or unseamed.  Hems are not to be cuffed or folded under or gathered with elastic.  Uniform pants do not have side splits or slits.


5.       UNIFORM CLOTHING MUST NEVER BE TOO TIGHT OR TOO LOOSE.  Uniform shirts must be worn buttoned and tucked.  No layered shirt looks are allowed.

6.       Clothing and accessories with suggestive statements or symbols are not acceptable.

7.       If an undershirt is worn, it must be white or school colors only and free of writing, pictures, or symbols.  LHS students may wear undershirts of any solid color.

8.       Unprescribed glasses, caps, hats, or hoods are unacceptable on school grounds unless school related.  During extreme weather conditions (cold weather, rainy days) caps, hats, or hoods may be worn at the discretion of the principal, but can only be worn outdoors.  Caps or hats should be in uniform colors.  LHS students may only wear skull caps in temperatures below 40 degrees and they must be school colors.

9.       Doo-rags, bandanas, or head scarves are unacceptable.

10.   Sideburns can extend to the lobe of the ears.  Beards are unacceptable.  Goatees are unacceptable.  Mustaches should be neatly trimmed.  Hair color should be natural shades (not pink, blue, green, etc.)

11.   Boys’ hair should be of a moderate and acceptable length.  Mohawks and hair carvings/art are unacceptable.  The hair must be kept clean, neat and well groomed.  Hair color should be natural shades (not pink, blue, green, etc.)  Bangs should not extend below the eyebrow.  Hair should not fall past the nape of the neck.  Hair passing the nape of the neck must be pulled back into a ponytail at all times.

12.   Combs of any kind worn in the hair are not acceptable.

13.   Visible, suggestive or offensive tattoos are unacceptable for all.

14.   Heavy, over-sized pick combs and brushes are unacceptable.

15.   Girls shall wear their hair clean, neat and well groomed. Hair color should be natural shades (not pink, blue, green, etc.)

16.   Lip / nose / tongue / eyebrow rings are unacceptable for all.  No visible piercing other than earlobes for girls.

17.   Earrings are unacceptable for boys.  Excessive amounts of jewelry are unacceptable.  Oversized jewelry is prohibited.

18.   Students should wear coats, jackets, or button/zip down (complete zippers that are from top to bottom) sweaters.  The uniform collar must always be visible.  Sweatshirts and pullovers should be free of writing and decals except for school logos. Middle and high school students should wear green or white sweatshirts/pullovers, unless a designated school garment is approved by the school’s administration (Examples: spirit shirts, homecoming shirt/sweatshirts, school sweatshirts). Sweatshirts and pullovers cannot have HOODS.  Hoods on zip or button up garments must be removed from heads in buildings and classrooms and may only be worn outside if the temperature is below 40 degrees or it is raining.

19.   Livonia High Schools Students: ID Badges are part of the uniform.  It is mandatory that students wear ID Badges to school on a daily basis.  Students will be issued ID Badges at no cost, however if a badge is lost or misplaced, there will be a charge for every additional badge issued.  LHS students shall wear their ID badges on a school lanyard around their neck.  Damaged or defaced ID’s shall be replaced at the student’s expense for $5.00.

20.   Clear or mesh book bags are preferred.